Steve Nice's Quiz


2014 onwards

Entertaining questions and questionable entertainment to test your knowledge, skills, talents and patience. Expect sordid celebrity gossip, inexplicable props and bangin' tunes, plus the chance to win poundshop prizes and huge wads of cash.

"The best pub quizzes in London" -

"Come on down to see a totally unbearable camp man make some awful jokes" -

Every Sunday at The Kennington, Camberwell New Road

Every Wednesday at The Old Red Lion, Kennington

The LipSinkers


2013 onwards

"The LipSinkers are a drag troupe who mime to pop songs. But their show isn't A Night Out with Danny La Rue. It's not RuPaul's Drag Race. And it's not for the mild at heart or the mess-averse. It's weird, wild, funny and fresh. It's a perpetual motion machine of radical queer fun. It's low-budget, high-impact. It's a mad, gorgeous, dreamlike cascade of emotions, apparitions and transformations" ★★★★★ - Ben Walters, The Scotsman

"As incredibly manic and skilful practitioners of the art of lip-syncing, their musical choices range from obscure and/or vintage Broadway show times to pop songs. They're camp, cult and glorious mainly because they go for broke, serving up what amounts to a generous string of full-blown production numbers" ★★★★★ - Donald Hutera, The Times

Upcoming shows

Friday 17 May - Colchester Arts Centre
Friday 7 June - Firstsite, Colchester

Selected past shows

Eagle London (2023-24), Colchester Arts Centre (2018-23), Screaming Alley, Ramsgate (2023), Mighty Hoopla (2023), Clapham Grand (2023), Duckie at The Eagle (2022-23), Queer on the Pier, Hastings (2022), The Wallace Collection (2022), Bethnal Green Working Mens Club (2022), Southwark Playhouse (2019), Royal Vauxhall Tavern (2013-19), Guilty Pleasures, KOKO + touring (2014-19), Underbelly Festival Southbank (2019), Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia (2019), Museum of London (2018), V&A Museum (2017), Latitude Festival (2015-16), Mighty Hoopla Butlins (2016), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2014-15), Sheffield DocFest (2015), Duckie in Sitges, Spain (2014), Chelsea Theatre (2014)

Eau de Memoire


2022 onwards

Live perfumances with smell-along fragrances bringing memories of places and times to life. Discover the secrets behind the scents as you’re transported to a funfair in 1978, a school dance in 1988, a leisure centre in 1992 and more in this journey for your nose.

Eau de Memoire is a Miss High Leg Kick production starring: Abi Cunliffe, H Plewis, Harold Offeh, Katy Baird, Luciana Hutt, Lorna Rees, Miss High Leg Kick, Reggie Roberts, Richard Dedomenici, Richard Layzell, Steve Nice and Sula Plewis Robin.

Past shows

Arts by the Sea, Bournemouth (2023), Bartholomew Fair, City of London (2023), The Full Shebang, Mansfield (2023), The Big Feast, Stoke-on-Trent (2023), Ensemble Festival, London (2023), Basingstoke Festival (2023), Greenwich & Docklands International Festival (2022), Stockton International Riverside Festival (2022), Brighton Festival (2022)

Bird Rave


2020 onwards

Miss High Leg Kick’s Bird Rave stars a diverse flock of artists interpreting bird movements to classic rave music. Dancefloor ornithology. Tits off their tits.

Bird Rave is a Miss High Leg Kick production. Bird Ravers include: Abi Cunliffe, Harold Offeh, Luciana Hutt, Miss High Leg Kick, Rachel Porter, Reggie Roberts, Richard Dedomenici, Richard Layzell, Sarah Moore, Steve Nice and Yoko Nishimura. Plumages by Darren Evans.

Upcoming shows

Friday 3 May - Compton Verney, Warwickshire

Past shows

Southbank Centre, London (2023), Festival of Thrift, Redcar (2021), Spin Out, Worthing (2021), In The Street, St Helens (2021), Duckie's Posh Club Plus (2021), Festival Stoke (2020)



2019 - 2022

Inspired by Japanese kabuki theatre, the 1987 film Mannequin and the plight of the high street, Miss High Leg Kick's Mannequin is a show in a shop window in which cast members (including an actual shop mannequin) blur the lines between props and performers.

Mannequin is a Miss High Leg Kick production starring: Abi Cunliffe, Luciana Hutt, Miss High Leg Kick, Reggie Roberts, Rhys' Pieces, Steve Nice and Yoko Nishimura.

Past shows

Victoria Place shopping centre, Woking (2022), Dorking Library (2022), The Square shopping centre, Camberley (2022), Studio 3 Arts, Barking (2021), Fenwick department store, Colchester (2020), Live Arts Development Agency (2019)

The Promettes


2011 - 2018

Miss High Leg Kick’s Promettes are a roving team of performing artists who combine music, dance, comedy, live art, audience interaction and general showing-off in a collection of specially choreographed routines.

Inspired by Brighton’s seaside Promettes of the 1950s, this multi-generational troupe promenade and promote audience engagement with the arts and events through spectacle and surprise.

“Get a real job” - member of the public

The Promettes is a Miss High Leg Kick production starring: Abi Cunliffe, Harold Offeh, Luciana Hutt, Miss High Leg Kick, Reggie Roberts, Richard Dedomenici, Rhys' Pieces, Steve Nice and Yoko Nishimura.

Past shows

B-Side Festival, Isle of Portland (2018), Dreamland, Margate (2015), Appetite Festival, Stoke-on-Trent (2014), Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth (2013), Imagine Watford (2013), Norfolk & Norwich Festival (2013), Colchester Comedy Festival (2013), Brighton & Hove White Night (2011)

Bodies International



Bodies International are a fitness arts troupe made up of multidimensional artists from around from the world. In 2013 they crash landed at Art Basel Miami for LA based artist Ry Rocklen's art bar installation Night Court on Ocean Drive.

Incorporating video, performance, dance and lycra, Bodies International believe that creativity, freedom, and self expression are energised by practice of the fitness arts. Their workouts infuse the body with energy and the mind with a positive attitude.

Bodies International are: Harold Offeh, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Miss High Leg Kick and Steve Nice.

Past shows

Art Basel Miami (2013), UK tour (2013)