Steve Nice calls himself an artist. He hosts a cult pub quiz, is a member of one of London’s longest running drag performance companies and works in collaboration with many other artists/weirdos. He has performed across the UK and internationally appearing in pubs, clubs, theatres, galleries, museums, catwalk shows and music videos.

Steve Nice’s Quiz takes place every Sunday at The Kennington, London SE5. Click for more details.

Bird Rave

Miss High Leg Kick's Bird Rave stars a group of artists interpreting bird movements to classic rave music. Dancefloor ornithology. Tits off their tits. Click for more details.

Fri 13th Aug - Duckie: The Posh Club Plus, Giraffe House, London SE5

Sat 4th Sept - Citadel Arts: In the Street, Church Street, St. Helens

Sat 18th Sept - Worthing Theatres and Museum: Spin Out, Pavillion Promenade, Worthing